Olivia (played by Patricia Arquette): You know what I’m realising? My life is just going to go. Like that. This series of milestones. Getting married. Having kids. Getting divorced. The time that we thought you were dyslexic. When I taught you how to ride a bike. Getting divorced… again. Getting my masters degree. Finally getting the job I wanted. Sending Samantha off to college. Sending you off to college. You know what’s next? Huh? It’s my fucking funeral! Just go, and leave my picture!

Boyhood (2014) written and directed by Richard Linklater. I love this because i feel like this piece reflects the simplicity of the movie as a whole. It’s just family and life and yes it is just a series of milestones but I think it is a realization that everything changes. And there’s a positivity that comes with that when you decide to acknowledge that everything figures itself out and you either stay where you are moping around or you change with it.



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