Silk: Nine and a Half Weeks

Have you ever brought up a film and mentally compared it to a type of fabric? We do watch films with relateability in mind. We relate a feeling we get from a film to a feeling we have had before. A simple example of this can be how, for me, a non-lover of superhero/tent-pole movies, when watching a superhero movie I think of polyester, a safe, cheap and short-lived fabric.


I mention this because of a specific film I have watched multiple times, Nine and a Half Weeks (1986), directed by Adrian Lyne and stars Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. I thought I’ve seen this film too many times to properly articulate what I think. The first time I saw it, it did more than take over my thoughts. It affected my movement. I treated every object with the same care Rourke gave Basinger. Everything felt like silk, delicate, a fabric that seems effortless however difficult to obtain. I think when you’re completely encapsulated by a film, the colour tones, the music, the shades of the places and clothes the characters wore, you can’t help but find some difficulty to completely shake off the film even after it’s finished.


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