Cinema as Memory

I’m realizing more and more that we are in an era of visual culture and that seems to have affected our objective perception of things or rather our collective subjectivity. An image in memory is what comes up when one of our senses is triggered. Like Ronald Bogue said, “when we remember, we figuratively leap from the actual present into a virtual past, find a virtual memory-image, and then bring it into the actual present.” It’s like when we smell an odor that reminds us of a certain time in our lives and makes us feel like we are the person we were then. I think this is what is used in cinema in the form of nostalgia. Cinema acts like the symbol for survival and therefore it signifies a certain kind of hope and with that comes desire, which is “oriented toward the future” as mentioned in the Kilbourn’s Cinema, Memory, Modernity. As a result we watch and keep watching because of desire, because of nostalgia. There is a comfort that comes with it that involves the reassurance of the self.



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