Girls & the People in front of the Screen

Girls is an HBO television series created by Lena Dunham who also stars in it. It’s about the post-collegiate life for girls who are seeking different kinds of success in New York. It’s a wannabe-Sex and the City or rather the show’s world is. Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, gets called ‘kid’ by her boyfriend Adam, like Big called Carrie kid. Shoshana even has a Sex and the City poster on her wall. Girls tries to show us the life of the people who strive for perfection like they see on the screen. Dunham attempts to show us ‘real people’ who struggle for that life. With such rawness and an endless number of idiosyncrasies. We’re the people in front of the screen. Wishing to be like those in the screen.


Girls is about the now. A group of people and their experiences are put together and we find commentary on everything that the world goes through in this day and age. There even was one time where one of the character’s storylines, for a few episodes, revolved around noise pollution and he had a monologue on it where he decidedly walked out of his apartment and started yelling at cars.

I think what Girls wants to show is what the people in front of the screen, wishing to be like those in the screen, look like. And well it definitely is the first of its kind.


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