Videodrome and Exaggeration

Videodrome’s basic focus is on how the media in many ways can corrupt us as a society. After almost three decades the movie was released, it proves to be more and more accurate as time goes on with reality TV shows coming out now and the easy access we have to anything media related. It is quite an important message and it is one that should be made aware of.

One thing I noticed is how Cronenberg decided to relay this message, which was through explicit ways. It reminded me of Kubrick and his movies, even though Videodrome did not involve a lot of sexual content. It still had that similar kind of vulgarity. I found that it was not only I who thought that but also Andy Warhol. He called Videodrom the Clockwork Orange of the 80s and I definitely do think it is because of how the message is expressed.


I do think that exaggeration is necessary in film. In order for the message to be received by the spectator, exaggeration is sometimes necessary in art in order for the message to be clear and received by every kind of individual. That is why, I think, sex is such a typical form of exaggeration. However in this movie, exaggeration is expressed through rather impossible things. For example, putting a tape into your stomach is not realistic but it is definitely extreme. So, there is definitely a line, in the realm of exaggeration, between realism and fantasy.


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