Original Titles & Implicit Messages

Implicit messages last longer. I used to think that Blue is the Warmest Colour was a better title than the French title La Vie D’Adele but then now I think the French title is better. Blue is the Warmest Colour gives away everything and doesn’t leave anything for investigation. Titles don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to “take advantage” of titles. They can simply just be there as a label – to be able to call the film something. It made me think of Spirited Away and how Miyazaki said that he made that film for the western audience and he made it so well that he won an Oscar for it – the first anime to win an Oscar ever. The western audience has become simplified and desensitized by being surrounded with commercial products and nothing actually intellectually stimulating. Everything has to be explained to them or else it’s not right and weird. In A Bout De Souffle, we don’t have to understand the characters intentions. It’s left to us to figure out(as an art film). Jean Luc Godard even said about Le Mépris “the American producers said it’s incredible, but its not commercial” this is also another reason why I think its important to know the original title, the intended title of a film. 58154People think it’s pretentious of me but I think it’s important so we know how it was meant to be perceived. There is such thing as being lost in translation.


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